#9: Barony Bar, Broughton Street, Edinburgh

Barony, Broughton Street, Edinburgh

Even from the outside, this looks like a good old-fashioned, no nonsense wooden pub. Inside there are partially tiled walls, old mirrors, a low ceiling with original cornices, and a nice wooden bar displaying whiskies etc. It’s a little bit dark, but I guess that’s part of the package, you get used to it.


Surprisingly, there wasn’t a huge selection, though I might be wrong, corrections please! Caledonian Flying Scotsman, Harviestoun Schiehallion and Sharp’s Doom Bar available, with Caledonian Deuchars and Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted both off. There were at least three other hand pumps looking at the photo of the bar, one with no clip, but I can’t see the other two or remember other beers. As for kegs, I have no idea, I forgot to take notes, too excited about nachos maybe.

The round came in at £14.70 for 4 pints, so around £3.65 a pint, slightly higher than the competition down the hill. When you factor in the nachos though (see below), it’s irrelevant!

The barman was a little brisk, but was doing a good job of juggling 3 orders at once, so he’s forgiven!


Barony nachos

Mmm… nachos. Cracking nachos at a bargain price of £5.45! The photo doesn’t do them justice at all. The plates were roasting hot, ensuring the cheese stayed melty the whole way through, the chillies were good and spicy and the beef was really tasty. To be honest, I didn’t see past the nachos to be able to tell you what else was on the menu. Why would you want anything else though?


On the stereo was an eclectic mix of classics from the likes of Sandy Shaw, Burt Bacharach, The Shirelles, etc.

It’s obviously not a family-friendly bar. We noticed a mum and dad and their two teenage children getting turned away because they can’t serve under 18s, full stop. I’m not sure whether this is dictated by their licence or is just pub policy.


Over at the end of the bar is a selection of books and games, always a welcome sight in a pub if you ask me. I don’t think there are any TVs now that I think about, looking back at the photos.

Castle View


Barony, Broughton Street, Edinburgh (interior)


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