#6: Angels Share, Hope Street, Edinburgh

Angels Share, Hope Street, Edinburgh

Angels Share is technically a hotel with a bar, and that’s where the rules of this game get murky. I think we came up with a rule that in general hotel bars don’t count, but if they have their own sign and their own door onto the street, then they do. My concern is that this will push the total way up above the initial estimate of 240-ish, and we’ll never finish this tour within a year. Anyway, who was I to argue after 5 pints on a school night?

The place is supposed to be named after the alcohol that evaporates out of whisky barrels as they age. The problem for a pedant like me is that, due to a missing apostrophe, it’s just a statement that angels participate in the act of sharing. The evaporated alcohol belonging to the angels would be the “angels’ share”, the apostrophe alluding to the contracted “their”, implying possession or ownership. So there. I normally wouldn’t bother to mention it, but a big swanky place like this with marketing clout should have spotted it.

Pretty forgettable in my opinion. Slick and fancy, chandeliers, leather, low lighting, shiny, swanky. Not my cup of tea. The most interesting thing about it is that it used to be a Post Office.


Guinness, Fosters, Caledonian 80, etc. All keg, all mainstream, nothing particularly appealing (to this self-confessed beer snob at least).


All Scottish-inspired and locally sourced apparently. £9.50 for macaroni cheese? If that’s not taking the piss, what is?

Castle View



One response to “#6: Angels Share, Hope Street, Edinburgh

  1. So far, hilarious 🙂 I particularly like the way the note taking deteriorated as you made your way from bar to bar. This is a tall order that you have set yourself, but it will be a handy resource once complete, although instantly out of date given the current licensed trade. I could follow you round with updates…

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