#4: Mathers Bar, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh

Mathers Bar, Queensferry St, Edinburgh

This is a proper man’s pub, verging on old man’s pub, but there’s often a trickle of tourists to mix things up a bit, and some younger blood at the weekends. It’s not exactly a big pub, but gets pretty busy especially at weekends and if there’s football on.

Castle View

Mathers Bar Castle View

First blood goes to Mathers Bar, you can even see the castle from inside the pub. In the photo on the right, you can see the castle behind St John’s Church tower and all the flippin’ tram works. Incidentally, one of the rules on this tour is that if you see a running tram, you have to finish your drink.


By this point in the evening I was already getting a bit slack with the note taking. I think I had Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted, and there was Sharp’s Doom Bar, Caledonian Deuchars, and I think a Stewart’s, not sure which one. There’s sometimes a house beer on, but I don’t remember who makes it, and it wasn’t on tonight. Price-wise this was the cheapest of the night at around £22 for 7 drinks (including Gav’s Alan Partridge-inspired punishment that shall not be named), so something like £3.20 a pint (er, drink).


Glorious pies for £1.90! That’s more like it, take note Bert’s. Unfortunately for me there was only one left, and we thought Gav had better have it to line his stomach. In fact, it was decided that a “l**yboy” (see above) plus a pie shall henceforth be known as a “ladyman”. I had to settle for a cheese and onion roll, all they had left, and regretted not picking out more onion for the rest of the evening.


Functional, clean toilets, not exactly swish, but who cares? There were two large TVs in the bar showing BBC news I think. There’s a small fenced off area out on the pavement with wee tables and ashtrays, of course.


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