#3: The Melville, William Street, Edinburgh

The Melville, William Street, Edinburgh

Recently gentrified and presented in various shades of grey to match the suits, this place used to be a more colourful pub, and I’m not talking about the decor. It always seemed busy, rowdy even, and full of all walks of life. The death knell was probably the smoking ban. They had a big party on the last night before the ban, everybody smoking as much as possible. It seemed to slowly fade out over the next few years, and sat empty for quite a while.

The new pub has kept the name but virtually nothing else remains. Slick decor, paintings that wouldn’t be out of place in American Psycho, lawyerly types in suits, and staffed by teenagers (or am I just getting old?).


Hardys & Hansons LBW Golden AleSkinner's Cornish Knocker Ale

There were two guest ales on, neither of which I’ve heard of before. Before I could even get the words out, the bar man offered a sample which was a nice surprise. I went for Skinner’s Cornish Knocker Ale, a fairly pleasant pale session ale. The other was Hardys & Hansons LBW Golden Ale which I can’t vouch for, but Gav certainly wasn’t complaining. There was also Guinness and some other keg beers I didn’t pay attention to.

The round of 5 pints was £17, so £3.40 per pint. Cheaper than Bert’s! That was unexpected. Maybe I’ve got this place all wrong.

The Melville, William Street, Edinburgh (Interior)


They serve a full menu, but we didn’t even look at it this time around. From what I remember last time we were in, it was verging on pricey, but no more detail. Perhaps it’s not as pricey as all that, given the revelations above about reasonably priced beers and well-trained staff.


Clean bogs, a few TVs with sport on, and one table (or two?) outside on the street.

Castle View

Once again, no dice, and no surprise.


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