#2: Teuchters, William Street, Edinburgh

Teuchters, William Street, Edinburgh

Directly across the street from Bert’s is another old haunt of ours after we got a few pay rises under our belts. In my humble opinion, this pub is approaching perfection. It’s cosy, wooden, friendly and near my office. All they need is slightly lower prices (yes, I’m a stereotypical stingy Scot) and some more bar food options that don’t break the bank (are you spotting a pattern yet?).


As far as I can tell, there is always Deuchars, Fyne Ales Jarl and Taylor’s Landlord on cask, with Highland Dark Munro being a very safe bet too. There are perhaps at most two other guest casks. Lately there’s been Williams Brothers Caesar Augustus and Inveralmond Sunburst on keg (though maybe that’s a summer thing) accompanying the regular Black Isle Blonde, Guinness, Belhaven Best and various premium European lagers. All good, something for everyone, but usually nothing risky. There are a few more bottled beers too. A round of 4 beers was £15.20 for an average of £3.80 per pint. After all my bitching about the prices here, that’s really only marginally above average.

There’s an extensive Whisky selection, probably even rivalling the Bow Bar or Cloisters. The wine and champagne list is very likely far better than most pubs in town, but I’m no expert.


There have always been slightly overpriced filled rolls and various types of nuts and crisps. Watch out for the so-addictive-I-don’t-care-how-much-they-cost salt and pepper cashews at roughly £3 for half a pint. In recent months (years?) they’ve added a “mug menu” with the likes of lamb stew, macaroni cheese and the like. I’m not sure if this is just at lunch time or all day. The ones I’ve tried have been very tasty, but for the size of the portion the price is quite steep, in the very rough region of a fiver for a regular mug sized portion (somebody please correct me if I’m wrong). Of course, they won’t want to detract from their restaurant downstairs, “A Room In the West End”. The few times I’ve been down there the food’s been great but, again, a bit on the pricey side for my liking.


It seems to be quite a loyal crowd in here, most of which look like lawyers, not that there’s anything wrong with that. There are plenty semi-familiar faces, but no problem with strangers, and nobody bats an eyelid at the occasional scruffy software engineer (me).

On a Friday evening, payday or a big rugby match, it can get very busy in here, though on a Tuesday night we generally have no trouble getting get a table, except around Christmas.


The toilets are very clean, no complaints there. In the gents there is one of the classic Bernie Carrol Edinburgh & Lothians Pub Crawl posters, something that gives me a warm glow every time I see it (we ticked them all off two years ago, more about that in a future post). The only complaint I’ve heard is from my better half who’s noted that there’s only one pew for the ladies, if you don’t count the disabled toilet.

There are a couple of TVs, but they’re not always on. Teuchters is a popular place for the 6 Nations rugby and a bit of golf, cricket and Wimbledon, of course.

If the sun’s out, there is a small portion of pavement cordoned off for drinking outside. There were times in the past where there were easily more people outside spilling out onto William Street and adjacent lane than inside the pub, but local licensing laws seem to have put a stop to that. If you’re lucky enough to find a space outside, you get occasionally badgered by the staff to stay inside the ropes, or by nearby office workers trying to move their cars. It’s the best there is in the neighbourhood though.

Castle View

No chance, not that we expected it.


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