#1: Bert’s Bar, William Street, Edinburgh

Bert's Bar, William Street, Edinburgh

This is where “Tuesday Booze” began around 13 years ago. Once we all got jobs and settled into life after uni, we started regularly hitting Bert’s on a Tuesday after work. Little did we know that we’d still be at it all these years later. Bert’s has changed hands and decor a few times since then. It used to be a bit grimy, but the beer was always well looked after, and the pie meals were legendary.

It’s a Maclay Inns pub, so related to the Auld Hundred and the Southsider.

It’s currently run by LT Pub Management, a pub asset management outfit which “specialises in providing a wide range of services for pub companies, pub owners, leisure asset owners, banks and insolvency practitioners.”

As of November 2015, Bert’s changed hands to the Big Red Teapot group of pubs.

The rest of this write-up was from back when it was still a Maclay pub. (Jan 2014)


Deuchars and Caley 80 on as standard, with regular appearances from Harviestoun, Inveralmond, Williams Brothers and many others. Up to 8 real ales on at any time plus Guinness, Stella etc. I’m not used to this yet, so no exact list for tonight. I plumped for a Deuchars for old times sake and cos it was only £3, which is cheap for this neck of the woods. The round of 4 pints came in at £14.40 though, so not trailing the likes of Teuchters across the road by far.


Bert’s was always known for its “world famous pies” back in the day, and you could get a pie, chips and beans for something like £2.50. These days that won’t even get you a single pie, which I think is £2.95. I’ve not been in here for food in quite some time, it had gone down hill a little in that department for a while. I enjoyed tonight’s steak pie, and by all accounts the haggis pie and scotch pies were fine too.


Something I’m still not quite used to is friendly, almost over-helpful staff in an Edinburgh pub. It doesn’t happen often, but they seem to really have this nailed down in here recently. I don’t know if it’s new management or training or what, but it makes quite a difference. Maybe it’s just because it was quiet tonight and the staff weren’t run off their feet, who knows?


It’s a bit of a tradition to have somebody rate the toilets on our pub tours. It matters to some people more than others. Bert’s toilets used to be quite grim to be honest, but not any more. Clean and functional, nothing fancy or remarkable.

There are (I think) three large TVs which are usually on, showing sport or some news channel.

Castle View

We can officially confirm that you can’t see Edinburgh Castle from any part of the pub, inside or outside. Not surprising.


Website: www.bertsbar.co.uk
Twitter: @berts_bar
Parent: LT Pub Management


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